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Having my work published is not something that I have actively pursued. However, I have, on a few occasions, been in the right place at the right time.

The Vivs - Why So Dark?In September of 2011 Boston-based band The Vivs released the follow up to their debut CD. Why So Dark? is a 4 song ep, and the entire back cover features one of my photos. If you would like to see my shot, click on the cover artwork. I was able to capture this shot at a show at TT The Bears in Cambridge, MA on April Fools Day 2010. The Vivs have used a few of my pictures on their Website/Facebook page, and I was very happy when they asked if they could use this shot for their sophmore release. Taking up more than two thirds of the back cover this is by far the most real estate one of my shots has been given on a compact disc.

Kay Hanley at the 2009 Hot Stove Cool MusicIn January of 2009 I had my first photograph published in the Boston Globe. It was a picture of Kay Hanley of Letters To Cleo performing at the 2009 Hot Stove Cool Music. I have been taking pictures at Hot Stove Cool Music events since 2002, and this is the first time I have had one of my shots published. Here is a link to the article with my shot. There were three pictures in the paper about the
event, and mine was the biggest.

Letters To Cleo - "When Did We Do That?"Letters To Cleo used a variety of my photopraphs on their compilation CD When Did We Do That? released in conjunction with their 20th anniversary/reunion tour. Nine shots on the inside packaging where taken by me at various Letters To Cleo shows over the course of five years. In that time I managed to see Letters To Cleo at least 50 times. The CD packaging was designed by Aaron Belyea of Alphabet Arm Design. Aaron is a well known and admired designer who has worked with countless artists. To see all of my shots from the compact disc click on the artwork below.

Letter To Cleo - Inside the CD where my shots are!!

Neighborhoods t-shirtPeter Rinnig of QRST's (The Best T-Shirt Printer in Boston, Cambridge, Somerville, Newton and surrounding areas) recently designed and printed a bunch of new t-shirts for one of my favorite bands, The Neighborhoods. I was thrilled when I found out Peter used one of my shots for a t-shirt to promote their 2006 live dates. They also have a Neighborhoods Store on their website where you can buy all of The Neighborhoods t-shirts and other Neighborhoods merchandise. Click Here to buy the t-shirt or mouse pad with my shot on it.

Peter Gammons:  Never Slow Down, Never Grow Old - Click Here to purchase your copy now!!On July 4th 2006 the debut CD from ESPN analyst / sportswriter Peter Gammons "Never Slow Down, Never Grow Old." was unleashed on an unsuspecting public. Gammons trades in his typewriter for a Stratocaster and delivers a rousing set of vintage classics, originals, and rock obscurities. Proceeds of the record will be donated to the Foundation To Be Named Later, the charity formed by Red Sox General Manager Theo Epstein and his twin brother, Paul. The musical lineup includes keyboardist Phil Aiken, Buffalo Tom's Bill Janovitz, and Mike Gent, Ed Valauskas and Pete Caldes of The Gentlemen. They're backed by pinch-hitters George Thorogood on Chuck Berry's "Promised Land", Juliana Hatfield on "Cinderella Superstar," and Kay Hanley on three songs, including "She Fell From Heaven" which was written entirely by Gammons. The CD contains my photograph of Phil Aiken from the 2005 Hot Stove Cool Music.

Night Club & Bar magazineBack in 2005 I had one of my shots published in Nightclub & Bar magazine. Jenny Adams, a staff writer from the magazine, saw my "Jean Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop" photograph on my design website, and asked me if she could use it for an article she was writing on bars that have stood the test of time. Of course, I said yes, absolutely! My "Jean Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop" photo seems to be the most popular photo on my website. I have received more e-mail inquires about that shot than any other on my website to date.

Hot Stove Cool MusicThe "Hot Stove Cool Music" CD was released in 2004 with one of my shots of Kay Hanley which I took at the 2002 "Hot Stove Cool Music" show. This CD, from baseball expert Peter Gammons, is the companion to the annual concert of the same name that takes place each January in Boston. Net proceeds benefit the Jimmy Fund for cancer research and care. Highlights include live performances by Pearl Jam, Dropkick Murphys, The Allman Brothers Band, American Hi-Fi, and Little Feat, plus tracks by Paul Westerberg, Susan Tedeschi, and MLB stars Scott Spiezio and Jack McDowell with their bands. Also included is an all-star version of Gary Glitter's "Rock 'n' Roll Pt. 1/Rock 'n' Roll Pt. 2" featuring Peter Wolf, Dicky Barrett, Bill Janovitz of Buffalo Tom, Spiezio, Gammons, and about half of the 2003 Boston Red Sox. The "Hot Stove Cool Music" concerts are charity fundraisers put together by sports writers Jeff Horrigan of the Boston Herald & Peter Gammons of ESPN. I have had the pleasure of shooting many of the "Hot Stove Cool Music" events. You can see my work on the official Hot Stove Cool Music Facebook Page.

The Gravel Pit The Gravel Pit, a local Boston band, was the first to use my work. One of my shots can be found in their "No One Gets In Here For Free" CD.
The shot of Ed Valauskas, their bass player, is mine.The Noise - Boston Issue # 188

The Gravel Pit also used a shot I took of them at The GPSCY, a nightclub in New Haven, CT, as there promo shot when the CD was released. That promo shot also appeared in many newspapers and magazines including "The Boston Phoenix" and "The Noise". Jedediah Parish who sings, plays organ and writes all their songs called my shot "The best photo of The Gravel Pit."

ToyboatThe next band to use my work, Toyboat, was made up of Dave Herlihy, Dave Ingham, and Ken Hickey all three are former members of O Positive. All but one of the pictures on the inside of the CD were shots that I took at two O positive reunion shows that took place in 1998. The first show took place at the club TT The Bears in Cambridge, MA as part of their 25th anniversary concerts. And a few months later O Positive reunited again at Mama Kin Music Hall, Aerosmith's former club in Boston. When Toyboat's Problem CD was released I was pleasantly surprised to find out they had used some of my shots from those shows.

My first show at TT The Bears in Cambridge, MAIn the fall of 1997, with the help of Sue Carlin and Tom Tipton of the Out Of The Blue Gallery, I had the first ever public showing of my pictures. I had a very good response and sold many prints. The pictures hung at "TT The Bears" in Cambridge, MA until 1999. Then, in 2000, I had another show at "The Middle East" club also in Cambridge, MA, again with the Me with my parents Dave & Sally and my sister Lynda at my first showhelp of the "Out Of The Blue Gallery".

You can also see many of my pictures on websites all across the Internet, some of them credited some not. Most people have been kind enough to ask me if they can use some of my photographs on their sites. All I ask for in return is a photo credit, and a link to my website would be most appreciated.


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