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Photo by James Horrigan

Featured Photo: Kay Hanley of Letters To Cleo

Kay Hanley
Paradise Rock Club - Boston, MA - 11-17-17


If you are interested in purchasing some of my work, I have recently added a few prints to my Etsy Store. Most of the shots available are framed, matted and ready to hang on your wall. Click here to see what is currently available.

I am hoping to find enough free time this year to redesign my website. What you are currently looking at is a website that I originally designed back in 2001.

Liner Notes

I have been shooting bands in the Boston/Providence area for over 15 years, mostly as a hobby. I shoot the music I love, from classic rock to local Boston bands. I try to take my camera with me to every concert I go to. I am always striving to capture the energy of a live performance. On rare occasions I have gotten the shot I am hoping to get. I do not "PhotoShop" my work. The shots you see on my site are real shots that I've taken with my camera. I do try to make the shot look as sharp as I can by adding more contrast, playing with the levels etc.

I have had my work used on CD's, promotional Items, & band websites, Facebook & MySpace (sometimes without my blessing). With the help of the "Out Of The Blue Gallery" in Cambridge, MA, I have displayed my work at the Cambridge area clubs TT The Bears & The Middle East. For the past few years I have been a contributing photographer of the bi-annual Hot Stove Cool Music concerts in Boston, Peter Gammon's benefit for the Red Sox Foundation. To see more of my credits click here.

When I am not designing websites, I will be adding more albums to this site. If you would like to see shots of a particular band, please send me a message, and let me know who it is you are interested in seeing. You would be surprised at all the different performers that I have shots of in my archives. If you are interested in the equipment I use to get my shots I have all of that information on my Equipment page.


Hot Stove Cool Music

Thank You
I would like to thank all the bands that I have shot over the years for putting up with me in their faces. I know that I would not be very comfortable with someone flashing a bright light in my face every few seconds. And many thanks to Kay Hanley, Letters To Cleo & The Gravel Pit for having to put up with me more than any other bands. Extra special thanks to The Gravel Pit, Dave Herlihy & Toyboat, Jon Lupfer & Q Division & Michael Creamer. Thanks most of all to my wife Deanna for all the love and support she has given and continues to give to me.
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